Welcome to Pholea Music Australia

Pholea Guitars Acoustic & Electric

Pholea was founded on a simple philosophy...to provide high quality acoustic guitars, electric guitars and equipment at affordable prices. All of our products are custom designed in Australia, and manufactured to our strict guidelines. Countless hours have been spent in the relentless pursuit of perfecting our guitars. Our design team is guided by craftsmen and musicians of distinction with the goal of becoming a world class producer of high quality instruments.

One of the prime directives given to all of our manufacturers is that low prices should not mean low quality. Each and every product we sell goes through a rigorous design and quality control process by experts in their field. If it does not meet our standards...it is rejected.

It is our aim to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide high quality products at the lowest possible prices. We welcome you to our website and hope your passion for high quality guitars continues with us.

Our range of acoustic guitars and electric guitars is always changing and expanding. Check back with us to see new ranges as they become available.

Pholea Acoustic Guitars are built with high quality materials by expert luthiers. All of our tone woods are hand selected for the best sound qualities and our custom made bridge design is both aesthetically and tonally unique.